Quick Overview
  • Forced air circulation
  • Adjustable five level shelves
  • Interior LED lights
  • 2 layers hollow glass door with heating flim
  • Self closing door
  • Self evaporating
  • Low-maintenance condenser
Other Information
  • Net Weight (Kg) : 360
  • Width (mm): 2508
  • Height (mm): 2003
  • Depth (mm): 710

In the thriving culinary landscape of Melbourne, where quality and freshness are paramount, reliable refrigeration solutions are crucial for businesses to flourish. iCool proudly presents a diverse range of four-door fridges, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of Melbourne’s dynamic food service industry.

The Benefits of 4-Door Refrigerators

Discover the exceptional advantages of incorporating our cutting-edge four-door display fridges into your business operations:

  • Ample Storage: Our four-door fridges offer expansive storage capacity without compromising on visibility, making them the ideal choice for businesses with diverse inventory needs.
  • Optimised Freshness: Precision-engineered, our 4-door refrigerators ensure your products remain at optimal temperatures, significantly reducing spoilage and food waste.
  • Energy Efficiency: Aligned with sustainability goals, iCool’s four-door refrigerators are designed to consume minimal energy while delivering exceptional cooling performance.
  • Enhanced Presentation: Beyond storage, these fridges also act as impressive display cases, showcasing your products with elegance and captivating customer attention to boost sales.

Types of Four-Door Refrigerators

Exploring the Variety: Types of Four-Door Fridges
Acknowledging the varied needs of businesses, we offer a range of 4-door refrigerators tailored to specific requirements:

  • Upright Four-Door Fridges: Ideal for businesses with limited space, our four-door refrigerators are perfect for showcasing beverages, perishables, and ingredients while maintaining efficient cooling.
  • Chest Freezers: Catering to frozen goods and ice cream storage, chest freezers offer generous capacity and reliable freezing capabilities.
  • Walk-In Freezers: For establishments requiring extensive storage, our walk-in freezers provide ample space to maintain the quality and freshness of your inventory.

How to Buy Four-Door Refrigerators in Melbourne

Selecting the right refrigeration solution is integral to your business’s success. iCool stands as a trusted partner, committed to delivering excellence:

  • Premium Quality: Our four-door refrigerators are meticulously crafted, employing advanced technology and premium materials to ensure durability and unparalleled performance.
  • Comprehensive Selection: With a wide array of options, we cater to diverse industries, including hospitality, food retail, and more
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experts is ready to guide you in selecting the perfect four-door fridge, aligned with your specific business needs.

Contact iCool

Elevate your refrigeration standards and streamline your operations by contacting iCool to explore our range of four-door fridges. Our expertise and innovative solutions are poised to empower your business.
Getting in touch is effortless. Embark on a journey of enhanced refrigeration performance and customer satisfaction with iCool. Elevate Your Refrigeration Game with iCool – Contact Us Now!


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